Austell Bail Bonds

By Jane Fowler

January 2, 2018 Main No comments

Finding the best Marietta – Cobb County bail bonds companies is something that almost everyone we know has had to figure out at one point or another. They will get in touch with the jail and/or the court and find out how much the bail amount is and then let you know how much your premium will be. A premium is the payment that the bondsman requires to issue the surety bond that will get your friend or loved one out of jail.

A bail bond is the agreement between the court bail bonds in Cobb County and the defendant that states that the defendant will be allowed out of jail while they await their trial in exchange for a certain amount of money (the bail) that will be forfeited if the accused does not show up to their trial.

If it looks like it’s from the nineties and doesn’t have a phone number on it or anything, then you should be a little cautious of calling them up to get someone bailed out in Cobb County, Marietta, Smyrna, or anywhere in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia.

As to the amount of force a bail bondsman or his agent may use in arresting his principal, the court finds no state or federal cases dealing with this specific issue and, therefore, looks to the rules relating to arrest by law enforcement officers since a bail bondsman, should have no greater right to the use of force than a law enforcement officer can use in making an arrest.

Sureties on criminal bonds in any court shall not charge or receive more than 12 percent of the principal amount of bonds set in the amount of $10,000.00 or less and shall not charge or receive more than 15 percent of the principal amount of bonds set in an amount in excess of $10,000.00 as compensation from defendants or from anyone acting for defendants.