CV Translation Services

Nowadays more and more often the natural continuation of the courses of studies is the ability to undertake important work experience in foreign countries.

The professional translation of your curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter is essential to the job search: when moving to another the importance to entrust this work to a specialized agency is crucial to arrive at better to prospective employers.

The letter of introduction and résumé must adequately describe the professional figure of the candidate, and conversion to language must be flawless: are the first business card, representative of the person.

Our agency is a point of reference for this need: we offer our clients the expertise and experience of a team specializing in translations of curriculum vitae. We provide reliable and professional translation of any work profile.

Our professional service is to translate both the curriculum vitae, European standards, both the cover letter attached. Our strengths are the correct mastery of the terminology and vocabulary needed, the vast experience in the field of translation of résumés of our translators and fast deliver to the client work.

We offer this service in languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese and also Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Croatian, Slovene.

Working exclusively with translators, experts in drafting documents such as resumes, we guarantee professional translations of your work profiles in all languages of the world.

Certification of qualifications

When you begin a new career abroad prompted certified translations of documents from the new worker, upon completion of your profile.

Our agency offers the complete service of sworn translations for this need: we translate documents of tests taken, diplomas of study (such as graduate degrees or degree), school reports, membership associations, certificates of good standing, reference letters.

We give legal validity to our certified translations of educational qualifications, providing the client is ready to be delivered to the final sworn new employer. For more information click here.

Special offers

You have many Resumes to be translated?

Would you like to apply for jobs in different languages?

Our agency offers you special pricing!

For translation more Curriculum Vitae or CV in several languages will apply special discounts dedicated to your needs.

CV translation in English: find out about our specialist service of English translation of CV and cover letter.